Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

  • To Strengthen Business.
  • To increase regional Business Interaction.
  • To serve for the betterment of Business Community of the region.
  • Innovation for Vibrant Individuality-People, Corporations, and Local Communities Displaying New Creativity.

  • Our Vision

    • To consider, support or oppose legislative or other Governmental measures affecting the economic interests and also make representations to Government on grievances if any.
    • To consider, all questions connected with Trade, Commerce, Industry and Manufacture.
    • To promote and protect the economic interest of the country in general and of those engaged in Trade, Commerce and Industry.
    • To adjust controversies between members of the Chamber.
    • To collect and circulate statistics and other information relating to Commerce, Industry and Finance.
    • To arbitrate in the settlement of disputes arising out of commercial transactions between parties willing or agreeing to abide by the judgment and decision of the Chamber
    • Preparation of Views on matters of Public/Business Policy and Communication of these views to Appropriate Authorities.
    • To communicate with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and other mercantile or public bodies within or outside Pakistan and to concert and promote measures for the protection of Trade, Commerce and Industries
    • To promote cordial and mutually helpful relations between those engaged in Trade, Commerce and Industry.
    • To subscribe, and become a member of, the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and co-operate with it and with any other organization of Trade, Commerce and Industry, whose objects are altogether or in part and similar to this Chamber and to communicate such body, such information as may likely be forward to cause of this Chamber.
    • To form a code of practice to simplify and facilitate transactions of business and to frame bye-laws, rules and regulations for the officials of the Chamber to carry out the various objectives of the Chamber.
    • Representation of the Business Community Outside and Particularly to Govt. and Semi Govt. entities.
    • To establish an industrial state at D.G.Khan / Muzafar Garh