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History of D.G.Khan CCI

Dera Ghazi Khan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Dera Ghazi Khan is established with the limited liability of members but if any member of the Chamber pays or receives any dividend bonus or other profit, in contravention of the fourth paragraph of Memorandum of the Chamber his liability shall be unlimited in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Companies Ordinance, 1984. The regulations for the management of the Chamber and for observation of the members thereof and their representatives shall, subject to exercise of the statutory powers of the Chamber in reference to the repeal or alteration or addition to the regulation by special Resolution as prescribed by the Companies Ordinance 1984 be such as are contained in these Articles.
All members of the Chamber are known as General Body and after every year the General Body elects the Executive Committee Members from itself. The annual elections of the Chamber are held before the 30th September. At present the Executive Committee consists of 24 members, 12 from Corporate Class and 12 from Associate Class. The Executive Committee elects a President and a Vice President among itself representing Corporate and Associate Classes. The Executive Committee conducts and manages all the business affairs of the Chamber. The tenure of every executive member is for 2 years while the term of the president and Vice President is one year. Every Chamber appoints a Secretary General as an In-charge of the Chamber’s Secretariat and official correspondence / affairs etc.