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Presidents Message

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What We Do?

To promote and develop, stimulate and protect the economic interest of Pakistan in general and of those engaged in industry, agriculture, commerce, trade banking and insurance, in Pakistan of Dera Ghazi Khan

To consider, support or oppose legislative or other government measures affecting the economic interests of businessmen and industrialists and also make representation to government on grievance if any..

To communicate with Chambers of Commerce and Industry or pubic bodies within or outside Pakistan and to concert and promote measures for the protection of trade, commerce and manufactures and labour engaged therein and to remove mutual hardship.

12. To subscribe or become a member of and co-operate with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and produce from and communicate with any chamber and association of trade and industry such information as may be likely to forward the case of this Chamber.

To form a code of practice to simplify and facilitate transactions of business and to frame by-laws, rules and regulations for the officers of the Chamber to carry out the various objects of the Chamber.


  • Adjustment of Controversies

  • Collection and Circulation of Business Statistics

  • Arbitration in Settlement of Disputes

  • To Establish A Commercial & Statistical Library

  • To Facilitate Transactions of Business

  • Communication With Chambers All Over The Country.